Gain valuable insight into the performance, availability, and health of your data, cloud applications, infrastructure, and servers

DT Cloud Platform Metrics

Monitor your applications, infrastructure and services to reduce unplanned downtime and increase application performance. Also you can quickly detect and diagnose problems by collecting operational data in the form of events,  loggins and metrics. 

distributed locations

Capability to monitor massive amounts of data from distributed locations


Real time monitoring to guarantee that newly created and updated files are always inspected

gain insight

Gain insight into data, applications, infrastructure, and servers in order to detect possible threats or breaches


Capabilities for auditing and reporting to monitor security compliance

The cloud is a living mechanizm, which consists of numerous parts that seamlessly work together. Monitoring is created to make sure that the work is constantly secure, orchestrated and optimized.
Virtual machine monitoring
Virtual Machine Monitoring

Examine and optimize your virtualization infrastructure and Windows/Linux virtual machines (VMs).

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Virtual Network Monitoring
Virtual Network Monitoring

Virtual network resources, devices, performance and connections are monitored and diagnosed.

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Database Monitoring
Database Monitoring

Operations, queries, availability, and usage of database and container resources are monitored and optimized.

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Object storage (S3) monitoring
Object Storage (S3) Monitoring

Monitoring scalable storage resources and associated activities to virtual machines (VMs), applications, containers and databases.

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Website monitoring
Website Monitoring

Monitoring cloud hosted websites' availability, operations, traffic, and resource consumption.

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