Our solution for digitizing stores, perfecting services with instant data that is collected

Our Digital Retail Services

Target Audience Analysis

It measures the gender, age and mood (happy, scared, sad…) of the customers in the store instantly and provides analysis according to the data.

With Target Audience Analysis;

  • Get to know your customers better,

  • Show the right contents to the right people,

  • Perform comparative density analysis with sectional positioning,

  • Access more information about the audience purchasing your products with front-of-the-counter positioning.

Screen Management

It allows the screens placed in the store to be managed instantly from a single center.

Taken together with Target Audience Analysis, it enables screens to be managed automatically according to the demographic status of the customers.

Satisfaction Analysis

By answering the questions that have determined by store owner to customers thanks to the tablet-kiosk placed in the store, it can measure customers' satisfaction.

Customer Counter

It is used to calculate the number of customers entering and leaving instantly. It shows the entire entry-exit movement.

With Customer Counter;

  • Adjust your employees' shifts according to their peak hours,

  • Determine the ideal number of customers you can serve in your store by choosing with satisfaction analysis.

  • Keep the number of customers in the store at the desired level,


With the use of deep learning and machine learning-based AI, the system can provide both past customer numbers and future density estimates.

Emotion Analysis

It is a face recognition system developed with Deep Learning based Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

It has the ability to offer advertisements and content products according to the mood of the customers, except for their demographic status.