AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot
AI Chatbot is software that offers a real conversation experience to the user.

Turkish natural language processing is difficult due to the fact that Turkish is an additive language and therefore most of the bots are English-based and integrated into Turkish with the translation process.

Because the translations are sometimes not the same as the original, the answer to the desired question may not be found. In this section, AI Chatbot reveals the difference between the applications on the market.
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AI Chatbot Features

  • As it is generative, it offers more realistic dialogs that are far from artificial.

  • Opportunity to chat about daily issues outside the specified areas.

  • Return to your message within 4-5 seconds maximum.

  • Trained according to the desired information using the Generative Model.

  • The conversation history of each user is recorded in the data set, and the conversation history is not deleted.

  • Even when it is put into use, it continues to train itself with dialogues.

  • If the number of users suddenly increases, the workload is distributed to the pods with lode balancer and user inputs are answered in an optimized way.