AI for Computer Vision


Target Group Analysis

It instantly determines the gender, age, and mood (happy, scared, sad...) of customers in the store and provides analysis based on the information.


Screen Management

It enables the store's screens to be controlled instantly from a single location.

With Target Audience Analysis, it allows screens to be handled automatically based on a customer's demographic status.


Satisfaction Analysis

By answering the questions that created by store owner for customers thanks to the tablet-kiosk put in the store, customers' satisfaction can be measured.


Customer Counter

It is used to figure out how many customers are entering and exiting at any given time. It shows the entire entry-exit process. ​



Through the use of deep learning and machine learning-based AI, the system can provide both past customer numbers and potential density forecasts.


Emotion Analysis

It's a face recognition technology that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on Deep Learning.

Except for their demographic status, it has the potential to sell commercials and content products based on the mood of the consumers.