AI Voice Recognition

AI Voice Recognition

With DT AI Voice Recognition any of your devices may have multilingual voice. Let your device receive, interpret, and execute your speech commands to make your daily activities easier and more interactive.
Give any device Voice-Activated Services
DT platform is enriched with a wide range of digital services which are easily managed by voice control
Easy Set-up
You need just a couple simple steps to add any device
Data Privacy
User data is protected and  auto-regulated according to GDPR and international data privacy regulations depending on your location
Multilingual Functionality
DT AI Voice Recognition enables communication in any language 
Biometric security layer

Add voice as an additional security layer.

Quick access to required information

Ask a question and receive daily essential information such as weather forecast or traffic situation

Smart home enablement

Control any devices at your home with just your voice

Personal Assistance

Enjoy a personalized experience and save your time