Continuous integration and delivery system (CI/CD) designed to continuously and scalably  build, test and deploy on DT Cloud Platform or on-premise.

DT Cloud Platform Jenkins

Allows to unceasingly and automatically build, deploy, test and deliver any project versions to production. When supplying enterprise-level projects, you have to place a great emphasis on the process of continuous integration and rapid delivery of new product versions. DT Cloud Platform Jenkins covers all your needs.

Flexible deployment

Can be deployed in different environment like VMs or Kubernetes.

Continuous Integration and delivery

As an extensible automation server, Jenkins can be used as a simple CI server or turned into the continuous delivery hub for any project.

Easy installation

Jenkins is a self-contained Java-based program, ready to run out-of-the-box, with packages for Windows, Linux, macOS and other Unix-like operating systems.

Easy configuration

Jenkins can be easily set up and configured via its web interface, which includes on-the-fly error checks and built-in help.


With hundreds of plugins in the Update Center, Jenkins integrates with practically every DT cloud services.


Jenkins can be extended via its plugin architecture, providing nearly infinite possibilities for what you can do.


Jenkins can easily distribute work across multiple machines, helping drive builds, tests and deployments across multiple platforms and clouds faster.