cdnline is running as complete SaaS, cloud service. You can manage almost everything(cdn resources, storages, streams, vod) with cdnline RESTFUL API.

cdnline is a complete service layer between your media applications and customers.

cdnline have developed with middleware hierarchy, it allows to integrate almost everything you need.

CDN Services

  • Live streaming. Everywhere, everyone can watch!

    You can manage almost everything about your live stream on our great management panel. Advanced reporting system allows you to monitor usage of your live stream such as online people.

  • Video on Demand. Easy, faster.

    Delight your fans with the experience of a clean, crisp, fast loading video. Distribute your rich digital media over all the major media and format types.

  • Site accelerator. Nobody likes to wait.

    Your content will be 5x faster which your visitors will love. Faster website will get you to the top of Google.