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elevate your work

Whether you want to transform your workload by migrating to the cloud, innovate with DevOps,  
secure your data with disaster recovery or to grow your business with AI and IoT

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Use your freedom to securely build,       
run and scale all your workload.
Full Coverage
DT Cloud platform spans fully connected availability zones and offers a wide range of cloud solutions and services within covered regions.
Hyperscale Infrastructure
DT Cloud platform uses OpenStack-based hybrid infrastructure with 5G ready open cloud working across Public Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, OnPremise and Telco Edge Data Centers.
Data Sovereignty and Compliances
Get sovereignty and meet all compliance needs since DT Cloud platform is a regional provider with all data-localization requirements

DT Cloud platform services are suitable for everyone

Through cloud computing and technologies like AI/ML, IoT, Blockchain DT Cloud platform enables governments, organizations and companies of all sizes to further innovate, grow and become pioneers of their industries.

Digitize core operations for managing applications and infrastructure efficiently.

  • No need to invest in hardwares, pay only for what you use,  without any upfront commitment and cancel anytime. 
  • With self-service management center easily use and manage cloud services and deployment environment
  • With compute, storage, disaster recovery, and network services increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve services and security. 

Get all you need for digital transformation in a single cloud platform. 

  • Consolidate IT with big data analytics, network, security and disaster recovery.
  • Create innovation-driven growth environments with hyper-scalability and AI and IoT enablement.
  • Quickly respond to changes and maximize performance with our tailor made solutions on any cloud infrastructure, on-premise, hybrid or multi-cloud environments. 

Build, manage, scale and grow in affordable, fast and collaborative cloud platform

  • Deploy where you need on a secure network without sacrificing quality and compliance
  • Reduce cost and complexity of infrastructure management and improve uptime with pay-as-you-go model to build, test, deploy, run, update and scale applications
  • Accelerated product development with self service and APIs 
  • Speed up your growth with our local presence for regulations and readiness for collaboration 


Modernize, develop and secure your campus

  • Create higher standards of Distance Learning with Remote Lab, Video Conference and Online Proctoring Service 
  • With cloud and content delivery networks have fast and easy access to all workloads
  • Learning Management System (LMS) make better collaboration between students and educators  
  • Depending on volume scale up or scale down your cloud resources
  • Create modern learning environment with  AI and IoT enablement
  • Opportunity to receive required Training and Certification for DevOps, cloud architecture, digital transformation, etc 

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